VESTA5: Harry Eastwood, Chef & Cookbook Author

VESTA5: Harry Eastwood, Chef & Cookbook Author

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Harry Eastwood is a British-born chef and cookbook author, who co-hosted the Channel 4 cooking-themed television series Cook Yourself Thin in 2007. She went on to present the US version of the show and co-wrote the accompanying cookbook, which later became The New York Times bestseller. 

Since then, Harry has gone on to three more cookery books, one of which - The Skinny French Kitchen- was nominated for the prestigious Guild of Food Writers Miriam Poulnin Award for Healthy Eating. 

Harry lives in Paris (NOT REMOTELY JEALOUS). 


1) What is your biggest extravagance?

Costume jewellery. The bigger, the better. I'm a huge fan of glass, plastic and pearls. My grandmother used to let me and my sister play with her costume jewellery box early in the mornings, on their bed whilst they drank tea, and I think this is where my passion for it stems from! I have a large collection of bling that I've been collecting for over 10 years and it ranges from Butler & Wilson colourful cut glass items, through to slightly more grown up stuff from a local designer here in Paris (also very colourful) called Cecile et Jeanne. They both create jewellery that look a bit like sweets, which is the main reason I think I love it so much!


2) What would your last meal be?

Picking my last meal is always a difficult question to answer because it changes depending on my mood and also the time of year. With spring having just arrived, I love the idea of eating things outside and my last meal reflects this. I'm also the sort of person that likes to taste lots of small things, rather than one or two big ones. 

I'd start with really great cheese straws (strong British cheddar), sausage rolls and a Bloody Mary. 

Then I'd go for 6 Breton small oysters (and a glass of champagne). 

A seafood platter including langoustines, crab and homemade mayonnaise (good sourdough and salted, room temp butter essential). Glass of cold crisp white. 

Followed by a small bowl of Spaghetti Al Vengole. 

Followed by French cheese, including Vacherin. 

Followed by a bite size Tarte au Citron and a single milk chocolate truffle, Tokai wine. Good espresso. 

I think I'd waddle off to the pearly gates with a big wide grin on my face after that! 


3) What is your desert island luxury item?

A fridge full of buffalo mozzarella


4) If you could own any one piece of artwork, which would it be?

Anything hand drawn by William Blake, especially from his illuminated works. The thought that he had actually touched it with his own hands is enough to send me into orbit from the reverence I bestow on all of his work. I am an all round Blake groupie. 


5) What do you wish you could tell your younger self?

Trust yourself, girl.


Harry's most recent book, Carneval, a celebration of meat cookery in 100 stunning recipes, is available now. See her website for further details. 

VESTA5: Kate Slesinger, Publishing Director of Tatler & Vanity Fair

VESTA5: Kate Slesinger, Publishing Director of Tatler & Vanity Fair

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